Life as a part-time traveller

In the recent past I have noticed a sudden boom in the travel blogging space. Some have quit their jobs and invested their all for the nomadic experience. Then there are those who have taken Dalai Lama’s quote seriously, ‘Once a year go some place you’ve never been before.’ I fall under the second category and we group of people have a term as well – part-time travellers. It is a phrase that has been bandied around the travel community for a while now.

It is the focus of my blog, rather my ‘niche’ as some would say. However, the moment I mention part-time travel, I am welcomed with host of questions. People outside the travel ‘blogosphere’ do not get it. I was thinking of varied topics to write on and came across a discussion on Twitter recently.

One of the travel bloggers, Darcy Vierow, made a serious statement – ‘Guys, the struggle is real. Between the day job, some recent family obligations, and home life obligations, it’s been really hard to keep my head above water and still breathe some life into my blog. Please tell me I’m not the only one.’

It dawned up on me, she is absolutely right. She pretty much summed the life of a part-time traveller, in fact. I work almost 10 hours, five days a week. I have mortgages, career, home, and personal life that need attention as well. But that does not stop me from travelling.

I was not much into travelling initially until I headed to my first international trip to South East Asia. I had the knack of clicking pictures through smartphone and my regular Canon camera, but the thought of making a side hustle of it never crossed my mind.

Travel shoes on © Travelogue90

I know this side hustle required all my time and attention initially for growing it. Hence, I started with an Instagram page. Since I got good response from the page, I extended it to Facebook and soon Twitter as well. The next hurdle was starting a website which needed complete attention. But my 10-hour job and other obligations, only gave me weekends to concentrate on it. Yet, that never stopped me from giving some life to my passion – travel.

Part-time travel, simply put, is travelling. The term for me typically means heading for a heritage walk within my city, weekend breaks, short to long haul getaways. These are all different forms of part-time travel which we all embrace today.

Nowadays, majority of people that love travelling do part-time travel. There are a few who are in a position for extended holidays or embrace the full-time role. I try to squeeze in my wanderlust as much as my annual leave allows.

Here are some reasons why I adore part-time travelling –

1) Excitement: Considering the work and personal stress consumes most part of the year, the eagerness to a visit a new place brings back all the happiness. The moments away from your puzzled mind and life at home are rare and precious.

2) Layer of security: A cushion of money that the 9-6 job offers me is something I can invest for the comfort of my next trip. Travelling requires sustainability, especially if you look at it from a long-term perspective. Budgeting and monitoring the funds is crucial while wander-lusting.

3) Flexibility: Ask any nomad and they will tell you how much they miss birthdays, weddings, brunches, the latest Netflix series, and so on. Adjusting your travel according to special events at home is a daunting task for full-time travellers. This year I had decided to head to Australia. Owing to a special family event, I had to push it back to next year. Thankfully, part-time travellers have that convenience.

4) New adventures right outside the doorstep: I stress on the fact that nothing beats being touristy in your hometown than any place on the globe. You could discover new restaurants or hangout spaces. I guarantee you that there is a whole new world unexplored right outside your doorstep.

5) Relationships: Exploring new places also builds new relationships. During my trip to Europe, South East Asia, and Dubai, I encountered people from different spheres and countries. There are a few who form a part of my memory while others are still in around me.

Wine glass © Travelogue90

Over the past four years, I have travelled to 7 countries, apart from my home country India. Yes, with family, career, and financial obligations, it is not possible to completely divert all the attention to exploring several new places in a year’s time and inject some quality on your blog as well. But maintaining the right balance along with other facets, is what I love about my daily life. A balance that is slowly and steadily taking my travel passion a step ahead each day.

Here’s to those who manage all the spheres of life and enjoy time to travel. Here is to all my part-time travel bloggers.

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