COVID-19 halted your travel plans? Try these virtual tours

The pandemic Corona Virus has bought the entire tourism industry to a standstill. As travel restrictions and social distancing continues across the globe, we travellers are confined to our respective homes. The demand for indoor activities and exploration is at an all time high.

But hold on, we need not scrap our travel plans just yet. Keeping in mind the urge for travelling, several tourism boards and travel pages are getting their country at your doorstep though virtual tours. Your discovery remains unhindered as you only need to shift from physical to virtual world.

Right from countries to museums to parks, there is nothing stopping you from stepping out anymore.

Airpano © YouTube
  1. AirPano VR: Created by a team of Russian photographers, AirPano is a Virtual Reality project that focuses on aerial 360 degree photographs and videos of all countries, right from Jordan to Russia to China to Portugal to India. You name it, they have it. Every week, the team posts either a virtual photography or video tour. They also have their YouTube Channel.
Louvre Museum © Unsplash

2. Museums and Theme Parks: Leading museums, galleries, and theme parks are no exceptions to virtual tours. Yes, there are travellers who wish to go for hiking, explore the beach, enjoy the sunset and food, but then there are those who wish to dig deeper and bathe the culture as well as art of the country. You can walk around the masterpieces and examine the artwork alongside studying the intricate details. The museums and parks are –

Zurich © Switzerland Tourism Instagram Page

3. Tourism Boards: Whoever said the business for tourism boards are done and dusted after the pandemic, should rethink what they meant. These boards are making complete use of the digital space and how! Let’s see what they are up to –

  • Switzerland tourism: You enter the website and you are taken on a visual treat. Click the cities or hotels you want to explore and enjoy all the information along with pictures.
  • Greece Tourism: Following the tagline, ‘until we can all be together in person again,’ Greece tourism is offering virtual tours, in association with Google. The website gives a holistic view of the people, food, and the place.
  • Austria: Through virtual Austria, you get to explore the cuisines, bucket-list spots, movies set in Austria, and stroll the streets casually.
  • Australia: The Australia tourism Instagram page sent all the love to people locked at home by taking them to the streets of the cities and wildlife through IGTV. The video is pretty self-explanatory.
  • The United States Of America: With the GoUSA TV app, you can uncover the best restaurants, experience thrilling road trips, checkout the next getaways, discover a world of wonder, and check out how to throw a party.
  • Spiti: Is Spiti on your bucket list? This virtual treat for now will guide you as to which place to visit the next time, physically.
Mumbai Live © Official YouTube

4. Drones: Ever wondered what a city looks like after lockdown? We are home and are clueless of the outside world. This is where drones come to our rescue. Mumbai Live recently conducted a drone video of the city during lockdown and every individual of the city were crying their hearts out on the beauty of the place. The drone video was done after seeking permission from the Mumbai Police and Commissioner.

Tripoto Community as well did an IGTV on how the Indian metro cities appear during the lockdown phase.

For now, all we can do is experience and tick our go-to destinations with these virtual tours. But hey, aren’t they dreamy?

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