Beach Please! We all need some Vitamin ‘SEA’

It is truly said, ‘an ocean breeze puts a mind at ease.’ The beach can make everything around better – life, body, mind, and spirit. Much of India’s coastline is about 7,000 kilometres and you could witness some incredible beaches around. You could either experience solitude here or party till the sunrises.

India’s population works so hard round the clock, that they reward themselves with a visit to the beach. What is so fascinating about the beach? The sun that sets the tone of the sea or the sparkling sand or the shacks or the sound of waves? It is a combination of all four that gravitates us over and over again.

While during this COVID-19 we secretly dream of living in a tropical island with palm-fringed trees or laying on the sun bed with a drink and book all day long like a crocodile, here is a throwback of some awesome beaches which you could visit post the pandemic:

Candolim, Goa © Travelogue90

Candolim, North Goa: Right from fishing to seaside yoga to flourishing markets to party culture to scenic views, the Candolim beach in North Goa offers it all. The beach is in proximity to a lighthouse and a church, completing the look and feel . The walk towards the beach is serene as you can see villas lit up on a cool December. The best time to visit Candolim is between November to April.

Varca Beach, Goa © Travelogue90

Varca Beach, South Goa: Another gem from the city and this time from the south, is Varca. One of the cleanest beaches in Goa, it is known for the calm and quietness. It is completely hawker-free and ideal for spending quality time with your loved ones. If you seek some me-time, this is the beach to be. There is some adventure for the typical ones, i.e. paragliding. Experience the view of South Goa from up above. Varca is best to visit between November to March.

Ganpatipule Beach © Travelogue90

Ganpatipule Beach, Ganpatipule: Maharashtra is known for its rich coastal areas. One such place is Ganpatipule. City dwellers seek a break and come to Ganpatipule Beach as it provides the right combination of privacy and entertainment. Another clean beach in the Konkan, there are number of activities you can enjoy along with complete relaxation and scenic view. The beach is closer to the famous Ganesha temple. Best time to be here is between October to February.

Aare Ware Beach © Travelogue90

Aare Ware Beach, Ganpatipule: If you want to escape the crowd of Ganpatipule, head to the Aare Ware beach situated near Nevare Village in Ratnagiri. It is flanked by clean blue water and white sand. It is also one of the lesser-known beaches of Ganpatipule. The beach is 3km long and boasts of beautiful landscape. It captivates the solo traveller in you, thanks to the breathtaking views in the mornings and evenings.

Malgund Beach © Travelogue90

Malgund Beach, Ganpatipule: You can find this beach 6 kms away from Ganpatipule. It is renowned for the birth place of famous Marathi poet Keshavasta. He wrote many treatises in the language. The beach offers space to enjoy some isolation amidst the realm of nature. You could easily spend quality time with loved ones as it keeps commercialisation at bay and the landscape is a treat for your eyes.

Alibaug Beach © Travelogue90

Alibaug Beach, Alibaug: It is one of the beautiful beaches in Maharashtra and often thronged by the locals. Thanks to jaw-dropping scenic views and impeccable sunset, there is no dearth of visitors. Enjoy the spectacular views of the Arabian Sea at the beach between October to May. Do visit the Kolaba Sea fort, take a motorboat ride, and the animal rides at the beach.

Juhu Beach © Travelogue90

Juhu Beach, Mumbai: It is the most popular and crowded beaches in Mumbai. The beach is also closer to some of the luxurious hotels and celebrity homes. The moment you enter the beach, you will have street food calling you towards them, right from cheesy pav bhajji to chaat to ice candy. You can witness the sight of the aircraft landing at the airport, which is closer to the beach. It you want to get up-close and personal with nature, this is place that offers you solace. You might as well visit the ISKON temple nearby the beach.

Marina Beach © Travelogue90

Marina Beach, Chennai: Moving down South is the second largest beach in the world, the Marina beach which is breathtakingly beautiful. If the nature and spectacular views were not enough to lure the beach bums, the historical monuments close by adds to the attraction. Come enjoy some idli-chutney with some beach view between November to February and rejuvenate.

Mahabalipuram beach © Travelogue90

Mahabalipuram Beach, Tamil Nadu: Sunny days, sandy beach, and rich history, this place has everything that a beach lover and adventurous soul needs. The beach is white, beautiful, and clean. It is abundantly enjoyed by tourists. If you visit during a full moon, you could watch the jaw-dropping reflection on the sea.

Rock Beach © Travelogue90

Rock Beach, Pondicherry: This place has numerous rocks attached to it beautifully. If you want to capture some stunning pictures of the sunrise and sunset you must surely head to the most serene place in Pondicherry. The most enticing beaches in the territory is best enjoyed with a croissant and walking by the promenade.

Let’s raise a toast to the beauty of the world! Remember, carry those shells in your pockets and sand in your shoes always 😉

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