Why are we a sucker for sunsets?

I love sunsets. I am sure everyone does. Sunsets leave me in thoughts, ‘how come such vivid colours leave us speechless every evening?’ I know there are many psychological and scientific reasons behind those hues, but it just makes our jaw drop every single time. Sunsets have the tendency to make us feel small, well in a good way.

It reminds us that the world can be a pretty place despite all the ugliness it throws towards us, for instance COVID-19. Even if it is not the pandemic, there is too much of selfishness, conflict, greed, strive, negative thinking, and stress that sucks the life out of us. This is when we thrive for peace. This is when travel and sunsets walk hand-in-hand.

We all have been a bit sulky off late due to the lockdown. The household errands as well as work drains us. The only thing accessible to us from our homes or terrace or balcony is the sunset. It is a wonderful way to infuse some wonder and awe into our regular routine.

As I looked back to some of the pictures, I was reminded how I took some time for sunset every day, wherever I was, and I am sure you will resonate with it too –

Bandra Fort, Mumbai © Travelogue90

Touristy in your city: Every city has an undiscovered place where you get breathtaking sunsets. This was one such experience. Mumbai as we know is surrounded by the sea, You move to any corner, you will find the sun setting by the sea. After leaving from work, I went to show around a place to my friend before she headed to her hometown. Since she is also a sucker for sunset, the best place was the Bandra Fort, which not only gives you a history of the region but also a blazing sunset from the tip.

Kurla station, Mumbai © Travelogue90

Work travel: The one thing I look forward to after work is sunsets. They are just beautiful and Instagrammable. I wish some more would appreciate the sky show at the end of the day, no matter where they are. By witnessing the beauty of the sunset, you can slow down the perception of time. By taking some time out to gaze out to the colour-soaked sky, we actually empower ourselves to regain control of the clock.

Local train sights, Mumbai © Travelogue90

Local train sights: When I set out to travel by the local train and it passes by the sea. So, I make sure to stand near the foot board and capture the spectacle of the sky. I am drawn to sunsets during work travel not only because they are pretty and all, but because they are fleeting, just like the commute and maybe, like life too. It is good to appreciate the small things, even if it is only for matter of minutes.

Dubai Desert © Travelogue90

Desert Sunset: In deserts, sunsets are more colourful. The entire atmosphere acts like a filter, just like you add filter for your pictures on the camera or editing tool The colours stand out and that is purely because deserts are clear and less polluted. Oh, and less people as well 😉

Mannheim, Germany © Travelogue90
Mahableshwar © Travelogue90

Vacation: There is something about sunset that completes the vacation experience. The perfect end to a perfect day in a new city. It is not necessary sunsets are the ideal combination with a beach. There is something magical about waiting to watch the sunset from the top of the mountain or when you are walking around and exploring a new city, the sunset adds to the charm of it.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai © Travelogue90
Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai © Travelogue90

Heritage site: Sunsets are beautiful alone and add a heritage site alongside, you end up with something gorgeous. As you walk down to the exit of Burj Khalifa, you notice how the beast glorifies with the sunset. While others were rushing for the fountain show, I waited to soak in the majestic Burj Khalifa a little more that day. Mumbai, situated right next to the vast Arabian Sea, is breathtaking from every corner of the city during sunsets. One of the famous spots is the Gateway of India with the sunset paving a golden carpet to the Taj Mahal Palace.

South Goa © Travelogue90
South Goa © Travelogue90

Beaches and Sunsets: When it comes to sunsets, few places come close to Goa. You can witness the change of colours from yellow to orange to purple in a jiffy, whether you are with your loved ones or enjoying your solitude. The experience becomes enjoyable and peaceful while you are at the pool with a sumptuous meal or a cocktail 😛

Mini Seashore, Vashi © Travelogue90

Healthy: Do you know the best cure to depression, anxiety, and stress are sunsets? Just by sitting and observing the sunset, gives a health boost. It is considered a chance to practice mindfulness. Research has proved practicing mindfulness reduces stress levels and improves cognitive behaviour. What better way to practice being aware of the moment than watching the time pass by as the sun sinks by the horizon?

So, here’s to enjoying many more sunsets, rising from the petty issues of life, and living abundantly, not just on holidays but everyday! 🙂

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