Life as a part-time traveller

In the recent past I have noticed a sudden boom in the travel blogging space. Some have quit their jobs and invested their all for the nomadic experience. Then there are those who have taken Dalai Lama’s quote seriously, ‘Once a year go some place you’ve never been before.’ I fall under the second categoryContinue reading “Life as a part-time traveller”

Living in Mumbai city

No matter how much you write about Mumbai, the city takes you by surprise each day. Every day is eventful in Mumbai or its new counterpart Navi Mumbai. The city is a dream for array of people ranging from hard labourers to celebrities to gangsters to artists to servants to fisher folks to millionaires toContinue reading “Living in Mumbai city”

Hosting your wedding in Udaipur? Here are some must-visit places for the guests

Surrounded by magnificent view of the lakes and royal residences, Udaipur makes for the most ideal destination for weddings. Right from luxury villas to royal forts to value for money hotels, this city offers venues in abundance and truly gives a royal treatment, just like in the movies. Also, the charm and grandeur provides aContinue reading “Hosting your wedding in Udaipur? Here are some must-visit places for the guests”

Winter is coming: Places to add in your bucketlist

A shift in the seasons means travelling to a new place. Once summers and monsoons come to an end, almost every country across the globe preps for winters. Festive and holiday season calls for long weekends and more reasons to step out of the mundane task. You have numerous places to head to this winterContinue reading “Winter is coming: Places to add in your bucketlist”

Pondicherry cafes: A throwback to the colonial era

Over the past years I have heard, seen, and viewed videos on Pondicherry. It always made me inquisitive. What is so special about the territory? A month back, I finally had the opportunity to check it for myself. I realised all the hullabaloo over Pondicherry aka ‘Puducherry’ was worth it. All that colourful posts andContinue reading “Pondicherry cafes: A throwback to the colonial era”