Beach Please! We all need some Vitamin ‘SEA’

It is truly said, ‘an ocean breeze puts a mind at ease.’ The beach can make everything around better – life, body, mind, and spirit. Much of India’s coastline is about 7,000 kilometres and you could witness some incredible beaches around. You could either experience solitude here or party till the sunrises. India’s population worksContinue reading “Beach Please! We all need some Vitamin ‘SEA’”

COVID-19 halted your travel plans? Try these virtual tours

The pandemic Corona Virus has bought the entire tourism industry to a standstill. As travel restrictions and social distancing continues across the globe, we travellers are confined to our respective homes. The demand for indoor activities and exploration is at an all time high. But hold on, we need not scrap our travel plans justContinue reading “COVID-19 halted your travel plans? Try these virtual tours”

Living in Mumbai city

No matter how much you write about Mumbai, the city takes you by surprise each day. Every day is eventful in Mumbai or its new counterpart Navi Mumbai. The city is a dream for array of people ranging from hard labourers to celebrities to gangsters to artists to servants to fisher folks to millionaires toContinue reading “Living in Mumbai city”